Physical Characteristics:
Weight-225 lbs
Eye Color-Hazel
Hair Color-Black

Personality Characteristics: Abrupt, abrasive, humorless, ruthless, orderly and focused.

Bio Synopsis:

A scratch who is just old enough to recall the events that led to Aspect’s separation from Black Thorn, Aiken has allowed those events to almost entirely shape his personality. He holds a deep seated and vocal grudge against Kelven. As such he has ordered his life around making himself into a human weapon to be used against Black Thorn. He has worked with Strongbow to develop a highly mobile combat style that doesn’t rely on heavy arms or armor but still allows the user to inflict a maximum of damage while up close and personal.

Aiken spends all his free time taking extra training. He makes infrequent exceptions to visit with Brynne whom he considers his adoptive mother. If someone else calls on Brynne when he is visiting Aiken will most often leave rather than be forced to socialize. When working with others he is communicative only to the point of achieving whatever task it at hand. Aiken doesn’t suffer fools at all. These charming personality traits have earned Aiken the mocking nickname of “Mr. Sunshine” from the other scratches and recruits.


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