Akim Barrett

Akim Barrett is the leader and founder of ASPECT.


phonetic: uh-KEEM BARE-it

Barrett is a dark-skinned Human male, standing 5’11" and weighing 190 lbs. Barrett is conscientious and kind. He leads ASPECT with the well-being of every individual in the company in mind. His greatest strengths as a leader are his tactical brilliance, his insight into the character of those he deals with, and his ability to utilize the traits of those in his charge, both for motivation and to set up the best environment to accomplish any given task.

Barrett worked his way through the ranks of The BlackThorn Project. He was recruited for his battlefield tactics and his calm demeanor in the face of extreme pressure. Within a decade he had risen to 2nd highest position within the organization. He and Alarond Kelven, his only superior were often at odds about the best way to handle a situation, and at a point this drove Barrett to splinter from BlackThorn, founding ASPECT. The split, and the stark difference in their principles has caused the two groups to become enemies, each group often attempting to waylay the other.

Over the years he has developed a number of contacts and informants in Phent and the surrounding area and cities. Along with being highly effective, ASPECT, because of his leadership, has also developed a bit of a reputation as fair and trustworthy, something for which mercenaries are not known.

Barrett seldom regrets a decision once he makes it, even if there are negative consequences to the actions he chooses. He approaches decisions logically, applies the best solution he can come up with and lets the chips fall where they may. If any subjects cloud his logic they would be the Scratch children under his care, and the safety of Brynne Shaughnessy. Though he has never admitted it to anyone, including himself, he is quite in love with her.

He has a deep voice and speaks softly, gazing into the distance as if his mind is really on something other than what he is saying. He is direct, using as few words as he can to convey a point. He enjoys games, especially chess which he plays at a very high level.

Akim Barrett

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