Alarond Kelven

The leader of The BlackThorn Project, a ruthless mercenary group based in Telflamm.


Phonetic: ALLA-rond KEL-vin

Kelven is the leader of the ruthless mercenary company The BlackThorn Project. He is a tall, powerfully built human with close cropped grey hair and bright crystal green eyes. Kelven is very intelligent and well-educated. Physically he is quite an athlete; strong and muscular, and has an intimidating presence. Kelven was once a soldier in the Purple Dragons of Cormyr before striking out on his own as a sell-sword. As a battlefield marshal he is quite capable and employs wicked tactics to cripple an enemy force through whatever means necessary.

Greedy and self-serving, Kelven is willing to trample on anyone in order to make gains for himself, including those in his charge. This characteristic is what prompted Akim Barrett to split from his company and form ASPECT. Kelven has a notoriously short temper, and an abrasive, combative attitude toward everyone, but especially those he feels threatened by. Over the years he has become quite wealthy by using BlackThorn’s soldiers and agents to acquire things for him. No one outside of BlackThorn has seen Kelven in almost a year, leading to speculation that he has been slain and replaced or has moved on to some other whim.

Alarond Kelven

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