Brynne Shaughnessy

A member of ASPECT, and the matron in care of the Scratches.


Phonetic: BRIN SHAW-nuh-see

Brynn Shaughnessy is the primary care-giver to the Scratches of ASPECT. She is a fair skinned, half-elven female with blonde locks kept short in a bob cut and deep blue eyes. She stands five and a half feet tall and walks with a graceful gait befitting her elven heritage. Lithe and dexterous, wise and refined she was once a very talented archer before being given the task of compound-mom.

She was one of the first three-child test of the Scratching system in The BlackThorn Project. Her mother was a human commoner in the town of Milvarune who had a brief affair with an elven adventurer. At the age of three, her mother was slain by thieves in their home. After being raised in an orphanage for nearly a year, she was taken in by BlackThorn along with two male children and whisked away to Telflamm to be brought up as a soldier. Despite showing promise as a ranger, once she was old enough she was ordered by the leader of BlackThorn into the role of raising and providing training and lessons to a new class of Scratch candidates. At first she rebelled against the task, wanting the life of excitement she had been promised, but in time she came to accept her role and even to cherish it.

Now, over twenty years later and with new children to watch over, she has fully accepted the fact that she has probably retired her bow for good and loves her “children” with all of her energy. She attempts to raise all of the Scratches with a strong outlook and a solid moral foundation, as well as giving those that take to it a measure of preparedness for the harsh realities of life in “the field.”

She has a very serene quality to her. Although her appearance is nearly identical to that of a human woman, most of her behaviors and personality characteristics are decidedly more elven. She has enormous patience, is an excellent listener and provides sage advice both to her children and oftentimes to Akim Barrett as well. She is loyal to Barrett and ASPECT but her heart lies with her children and they come first in all things.

Brynne Shaughnessy

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