Kailon Mardrak


Physical Characteristics:

Weight-148 lbs
Eye Color-Light Pink
Skin-Pale White

Personality Characteristics: Wary, loner, rash, mercurial, and eccentric

Bio Synopsis:

Strange things abound with regard to Kailon. At just 15, he is young for a recruit. Also, he has spent a great deal of his time since his arrival in seclusion with various members of Aspect leadership. In fact in the seven months since his arrival, Kailon has spent more time segregated from the other recruits and scratches than not. It’s only within the last 2 months that he has started to be part of the group training exercises that mark so much of life within Aspect.

Observers of these training sessions notice additional oddities. Most worryingly, Kailon appears to be in less than ideal health. While obviously slight of build, he carries himself in a manner which suggests not only a lack of physical training but a tendency towards some sort of illness. Additionally, Kailon’s training shows that he is a practitioner of the dark arts but that his skills don’t necessarily match up with other members of Aspect at a similar stage in their training. Finally, Kailon’s behavior when in group setting is highly peculiar. After an initial period of wary observation, Kailon eventually seems to pick up on how a group is working and begins behaving in a manner most suited to work within that dynamic.

Kailon Mardrak

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