Physical Characteristics:
Weight-164 lbs
Eye Color-Golden

Personality Characteristics: Gregarious, out going, assertive, chatty, compassionate, charming, loyal, smart-assed, dedicated

Bio Synopsis:

High birth can be both a blessing and a curse. Sharn has the fortune of being born the son of the great general Sharn-Adar (which translates as Sharn the Fervent), but the misfortune of being the 7th of 9 children and last born male. As such many see him as a product of privilege who hasn’t had to prove himself and with his late position may never have the opportunity to do so. Sharn has dedicated his life to living up to the honor of being named after a man as great as his father.

Throughout Sharn’s childhood, he was happy to contend with his siblings in the contests of physical strength and the games of strategy that make up a large part of Genasi society. At the age of 15 Sharn asked that his schooling be changed from the more general combat training he had been through and instead be enrolled at the prestigious Royal War Academy. Sharn sought the training to follow his father as a leader of men and master tactician. He progressed through the Academy earning high marks throughout and just missed graduating at the top of his class.

Little less than a year ago Sharn was ready to leave the Academy and was looking for opportunities to make his mark in the world. He didn’t want to rely on his father or follow so closely in his father’s foot steps as to immediately join the Akanûlian military. As fate would have it, the highly regarded mercenary company Aspect was seeking permission to open a base of operations in Airspur. Ever the opportunist, Sharn approached Zaxaricus Stormbow, Aspect’s emissary to the court of Akanûl, and offered him an endorsement from his family in exchange for a position with Aspect. Stormbow readily agreed seeing the value of both Sharn-Adar’s voice and Sharn-Mes as a candidate. For his part, Shan-Adar appreciated the audacity and agreed. Things went quickly and smoothly with the royal court.

In his time with Aspect, Sharn has proven himself quit the social butterfly. In addition to the normal training regimen, he’s volunteered to teach classes based on the tactical techniques he learned at the Academy to the younger scratches. Also, Sharn has made a point rounding up groups of other new comers to explore Thesk via a series of pub crawls and gambling jaunts whenever possible. The reconnaissance value of these trips may be up for debate, but the team building aspect can’t be denied.


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