Physical Characteristics:
Weight-475 lbs
Eye Color-Green
Hair Color-Bald

Personality Characteristics: Abrasive, driven, arrogant, dedicated, competitive, aggressive

Bio Synopsis:

Tolgresh was trained within Aspect just as any other Scratch would have been, but by the age of 10 he had proved himself to be anything but typical. He was simply bigger, stronger and more durable than others even twice his age. Tolgresh would eventually settle in a full head and a half taller and thicker than a typical full grown goliath. Given these facts, Strongbow chose forge Tolgresh into the ultimate body guard. Strongbow immediately intuited Tol’s colossal size would serve to keep many would be assailants away in and of itself. This training proved to be so successful Tolgresh was accompanying Barret as his guard from the tender age of 14. Only his stubborn unwillingness to develop as a tactician and thinker has stopped Tolgresh from becoming an agent sooner.

Socially Tolgresh enjoys physical competition of any sort. Additionally, he can be an affable companion as long as he is getting his way but he tends to become quarrelsome in those times he isn’t the primary focus. Tolgresh maintaines good but rocky relationships with the other Scratches. This does not carry over into his interactions with recruits. Tolgresh makes his opinion that recruits aren’t up to the performance level of the Scratches readily apparent to the point of being openly confrontational with recruits. Sharn managed to earn a bit of an exemption to this attitude when he gave Tolgresh the nickname The Big Nasty shortly after the two met. Tolgresh loves this name and makes every effort to live up to it particularly during training sessions.


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