Lead by Akim Barrett, ASPECT is an organization of talented problem solvers for hire; mercenaries. Based from the ASPECT Compound beneath the city Phent, the group has been operating for 18 years and has a growing roster of agents, informants and spies working in Phent and throughout the region.

The group will take on nearly any task from providing protection for an important caravan to assassination of high level criminal operatives. Smuggling, espionage, infiltration, subterfuge and reconnaissance missions, among others, are carried out with professionalism by the groups diverse pool of agents.

ASPECT works within the law as much as possible, and attempts to avoid harming innocents or aiding work of evil-doers. Along with recruiting employees, they also take in promising orphan children, raising them from as early as birth to possibly become future agents. These children are called Scratches. Often Scratches will leave the group upon becoming old enough to fend for themselves, but sometimes they become field agents, or work for the organization from within the compound.

Recently the number of available agents has been diminishing due to a conglomeration of factors. As a result a large group of trainees has been activated to the agent roster.


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